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How-to advice for PR professionals, primarily about writing and communication, from a former journalist.


10 rules for perfect case studies

Case studies work. They persuade prospects that your products and services are credible and fit for purpose. In sales, they can make the difference between a blind date and a sure thing. But most case studies are done badly. And writing them is like having teeth pulled. I have written hundreds of case studies for […]

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The right ways to use technology in marketing

This guest post is contributed by Grant Dobbins, who writes on the topic of graphic design degree . He welcomes your comments at his email id: grant.dobbins @ gmail . com. Competition is what drives business; it eliminates cartels and monopolies and establishes an equal platform for merchants to sell their goods and services. It […]

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money to burn

It doesn’t matter how good your marketing is if it’s…killing your profits

This is a guest post from Articulate intern, Laura Connell. This week’s theme: “It doesn’t matter how good your marketing is if …” Expensive marketing, no matter how cleverly conceived or well-written, can kill your profits. Adidas reported a 64 percent decline in profits in the fourth quarter of 2009 due to increased marketing costs […]

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Significant, substantial, meaningful: words to avoid

Tim Phillips’s analysis of press releases on Factiva shows a worrying trend. The number of press releases that contain the words ‘significant’, ‘substantial’, ‘meaningful’ and ‘unique’ in the same text has nearly trebled in the last seven years. Something should be done. I don’t really understand how writers get away with this. Journalists automatically discount […]

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